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The Empty Kyoto Exhibition

The Empty Kyoto Exhibition
Sitting in front of the gallery. I tried to make the window look like the cover of the book.

My Empty Kyoto photo exhibition has come to an end. It was a fun experience. I sold some books, some calendars, some postcards; and gained a number of new Instagram followers. 

View of the gallery.

Friends from Kyoto and elsewhere have been visiting, photography fans coming in with their maps from the Kyotographie festival; tourists from all over the world walking down the street and popping in, not realizing my exhibition is part of a month-long photography festival with over 100 exhibitions spread around town. 

A large, floating-mount print on the wall.

But best of all were the wonderful conversations, many unexpected and interesting; not unlike my days of exhibiting at the Fiesta Hermosa arts festival in California – what seems like a lifetime ago.

Lana explaining something about taking pictures to a visitor.

Perhaps most surprising and gratifying we’re all of the people in my Arashiyama neighborhood who made the trek across town just to see the exhibition. どうもありがとうございます!

Lana and I at the opening party.
The gallery entrance.